by Alan Cambey

Working – It’s a game – never forget

For most of us working is a basic requirement. We only work to support ourselves and our families except for the lucky few who do it only for enjoyment.

So what do we need to do to make it both interesting and rewarding?

The answer is simple, treat it like a game……that’s right… treat it like a game. Yes.

It’s a game

It should be played for enjoyment to show how good you are ….just as in all games…it is also a path to those other rewards….respect from others…..and a better paycheck. So first learn the rules of the game.

Basic Rules

  • Leave all your troubles at the entrance to the work place. Look upon the work place as a sanctuary from all the other pressures from daily life. Those cares will return at the end of the day….but in the meantime you should be free from them… just as if you were playing a game.
  • How to treat other people? Best approach is to treat them the way you like to be treated. That is pretty easy for everyone. You probably like to be treated
    • With honesty
    • In a friendly manner
    • With things you ask for arriving as requested just the way you asked for them and on time. Or if this is not going to happen, you are told in advance.

So treat other people the same way. Yes even the not so friendly and helpful. Remember it’s a game.

  • Always remember in the work place that everybody wears different hats. Some of the time you are a vendor providing a service for others, sometimes you are the client needing something from others. So in the course of the day you may be switching back and forth from being a client and a vendor. This is true for everybody from the President down. When you are waiting for your paycheck, the President and others are your vendors.
  • The right time to ask. Be extremely careful when you ask for a favor from your manager. Timing may be on your side or against it. It always makes sense to have it on your side. Remember most matters are resolved up or down. Those resolved in your favor are more likely when the manager is in a good mood. After lunch is always better than before. Do not treat this matter lightly.
  • Always remember that everything can be done better. Every job can be done more efficiently. Everything can be refined, simplified and improved. And it can be fun trying to figure it all out. Adopting this classic game playing approach is your path to gaining respect, notice and advancement (more money).

Other Helpful Rules

  • Answering questions. Always try first to answer the question asked not the question you think should have been asked. “Did the job ship?” Clearly the first answer should be “Yes” or “No” not some long winded answer from which the questioner concludes it did not. If the questioner wants additional information he/she will ask for it.
  • Not meeting a promised delivery schedule. If you are going to be late on any commitment, inform your client at the earliest time. Be prepared to give a revised date and then a concise reason of why you are late.
  • Tell don’t ask. When dealing with important business decisions, it is usually best to tell your manager what you are planning to do but not asking their approval directly. The distinction is subtle but huge. By telling you are asking for their permission indirectly but they do not have to say anything and in the absence of a direct no, you can work away with implied approval. Less pressure on them.
  • Dealing with angry people (co-worker, bosses, clients)
    • Never, never, never interrupt an angry person.
    • Acknowledge their pain when they stop.

If they are right: Start with an instant apology while looking them in the eyes. Immediately follow with what will be done to correct the problem. Leave to the very end how the problem occurred and finish by repeating the apology.

If they are wrong: Start by saying “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Then in a low key way explain the facts.

2 thoughts on “Working

  1. Simple and wise words. Another useful tip I heard from a friend recently: “Find the best worker and surpass them!”.

  2. Wonderful pieces of advice! I love it! I would add it two things. The importance of a good sense of humor and maintaining a general light hearted attitude. Work can be made infinitely more tolerable and enjoyable when a gentle undercurrent of merriment permeates the atmosphere. I have found this quite useful in calming irritable patients during the 9 years of working at a no fault car accident clinic. Few things can surpass or relax a tense ambiance than a strategically well-placed joke. If we cannot traverse through life and thoroughly enjoy ourselves in the process, it devalues the message that becomes our life. Live deeply and laugh often! Cheers! 🙂

    “This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.” – Horace Walpole

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