The American War in Iraq

Eliot Thomas

When young they dodged a war
They had other priorities
Now old and out of harms way
They wage a war with casual glee

Make a war without provocation
It is in the best interests of the nation
For little cost in blood and treasure
Accomplish things beyond measure

Erase the mistake of yester year
Act boldly and without fear
Bring democracy to all the world
Even if you may destroy it here

Speak the lies loud enough
Repeat them loud and clear
Demonize the other guys
Whip up the hatred and the fear

Change the reasons for the war
Who remembers what they were
Why bother with the facts
Make the rules as you act

As the attorney general wrote
Torture is ok take note
And if it comes out for all to see
Just deny any responsibility

Teach us new ways like rendition
Make it into a grand tradition
Show the world what we are like
And how we respect human rights

Marines in full dress uniform
Will never knock upon their doors
In the war they have no sons or daughters
Why expose their own to slaughter

Don’t show the coffins to the masses
Instead talk nobly of other matters
Mission accomplished, oh my god
Yes, image trumps reality

And while the war is going on
Show them the sacrifices you are making
Keep up the five weeks vacation
A fine example for the nation

Nothing will change until we do
We must let them know
That we do understand
Oh yes, that we do understand

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